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My first English blog post: My unique jobs

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This is my first English blog post in my own blog. Why do I decide to write in English? Actually it is because I’m afraid I’m gonna lose my English. I don’t want that to hapen, really. Practicing my English writing is also one of my resolutions this year.

So here it is…

For this first English post I’m gonna share about my unique jobs. I consider this as “unique” since these jobs are not quite common.

Actually I started working when I was in the first year studying in my university. At that time I worked as a private teacher. I remember my first student was a third grade high school student who needed preparation for his final exam.

By-phone-English teacher

My first English blog post: My unique jobs

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After reaching my bachelor degree, I decided to work as an English tutor in a company located in Central Jakarta, it was still related to teaching. The unique part was I didn’t teach the student face to face. I taught them by phone instead.

Most of the students who enrolled the course were people who had no time to attend class due to their activities or location. My students varried from high school students, workers, even housewives.

Teaching English by phone was quite challenging for me. At first, it was hard to predict whether the students understood my explanation or not. The students made phone calls when they were at home, at the office, or on the way. Sometimes in the middle of the teaching session, they had to end the conversation because they were moms and the babies crying, they were workers and suddenly the boss called them, or they were on the way and had trouble with the phone signals.

I really enjoyed my time teaching there. I worked there for around 2 years before I decided to move.

Media scanner

My first English blog post: My unique jobs

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I thought I should try new job not related to teaching. So I joined Canadian embassy as a freelance media scanner.

My job desc was simple; reading newspapers. Yup, for this job, all I had to do was to come to the office in the morning and read newspapers. But I didn’t read one or two newspapers only. I read around 13 to 15 newspapers.

As the title of the job, what I had to do was to scan for news related to political issues and information linked with Canada.

The best part from this job? Well, I had to admit they paid me well, though I was a freelancer. Unfortunately I had to leave this job after one year since I got married and moved to my husband’s hometown.

CAPTCHA typist

My first English blog post: My unique jobs

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After I moved to Central Java, following my husband, I ever worked as teacher but then I chose to stay at home with the kids.

Then I looked for job which I could handle from home and I found this job: CAPTCHA typist.

Are you familiar with the word “CAPTCHA”? Actually CAPTCHA stands for Completely Automated Public Turing test to tell Computers and Humans Apart.

We often find CAPTCHA when we register or sign in to email accounts or websites.

Basically CAPTCHA is used to tell whether you are a human or a robot. The skill you need to become CAPTCHA typist is a fast typing skill. Usually they pay you in US dollar and you need to have Paypal account as one of the requirements.

I worked as a CAPTCHA typist for a short time, only for couple of months if I’m not mistaken. I decided to quit after I read an article telling that the collected CAPTCHA typed were used to hijack companies digital and confidential files. I was surprised to know this though I was not sure this information was true or only a hoax. I just thought that better if I didn’t continue this.

Content writer

My first English blog post: My unique jobs

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I started working as a content writer couple of years ago, until now. As a content writer I have to write articles based on the topics given by my superior. So far, I have been writing articles in some websites with various niches like property, health, family, beauty, education, etc.

In fact, dealing with content writing job forces me to read more. It’s obvious, you won’t be able to write if you don’t read. Internet research is a must when we do content writing, since we need to find as many sources as possible to support the article we write.

I love this job (I love all my jobs by the way 🙂 ) because the company doesn’t require me to come to the office and the working hour is so flexible. I can work as long as I have a laptop, electricity, and good internet connection.

Remote jobs are definitely the best choice for me at this time 🙂




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